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Wing Bracelet

On August 21, 1934, William Boots, an employee of Guyot Brothers Company, Inc. of Attleboro, Massachusetts, received a Patent for a jewelry component he referred to as a bracelet of the wing type. A wing type bracelet looks like a cuff bracelet but it is constructed from multiple parts rather than simply being formed from brass strip stock.

A photo of the patented winged bracelet fully embellished with findings and pearls.
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The two wings were tension mounted in an housing and were curved to conform to the wearer’s wrist. The spring action of the wings allowed for easily donning or removing the bracelet.

The housing for the bracelet, while not unattractive, is like so many other jewelry findings, just a base on which the jewelry designer can build the decorative aspects of the item and allowing space for the application of findings, stones, beads, pearls, or whatever other components are called for in the design. The wings were made in either solid brass or pierced brass, both of which also offered space for embellishment.


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