Zipper pulls                                               

Zipper pulls make zippers easier to use for people of all ages. They are used everywhere, from jackets, to purses, backpacks, to golf bags, sweaters, to wallets. Children have zipper pulls on winter jackets so they can pull the zipper up and down with mittens on. Now aging and arthritic fingers find them to be a handy device making zippers easier to reach and handle.

Made of many different materials, including plastic, metal, ribbons or beads, zipper pulls can be made in any variety of shapes, sizes or styles. Because of the zipper pulls frequent use, durability becomes an important issue, making brass stampings and charms a good choice of materials. 

Beyond durability, brass charms and stampings as zipper pulls have other advantages. They lay flat on the garment, have sufficient weight without being heavy, and lend themselves to a broad range of manipulations. Set with stones, plated gold, or as 2 or more pieces soldered together, brass zipper pulls, besides providing physical function, can also be fun communicators. From the simple logo to the elegant rhinestone set charmer, the opportunity for expressions and style is vast.

Guyot Brothers makes several brass stampings and charms that would make interesting zipper pulls. A few examples are shown here:

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