Sun glasses Embellishments 

Once worn solely for function, sun glasses have become fashion accessories that make a statement unlike any other. Not only do they protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, but they provide a means of artistic and dramatic expression that cannot be overlooked.

With an endless variety of frame colors and shapes, it would seem that a person could buy a pair of sun glasses every day for a year and not have any duplicates. The selection is enormous, from the plain and simple to Swarovski studded, with prices ranging from the hundreds of dollars for designer sun glasses to just a few dollars for discount sun glasses at the local discount store.

This delicate filigree fleur d'lis adds an elegant 
touch to some basic plastic sunglasses

Jan Cory, vice president of sales for Luxottica Group stated in an interview with Rebecca Klein man of Womenís Wear Daily that "Sun glasses have finally earned their place as mainstays in accessory departments." Nearly every fashion design house who makes accessories offers designer sunglasses. A July 2005 Women's Wear Daily Accessories Supplement includes advertisements for sunglasses from Guess, Hugo Boss, Donna Karan, Blinde Designe, Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Betsey Johnson, Dior, Diesel, Nike, Coach, Nicole Miller, and Ben Sherman to name just a few.

With so many frame shapes and colors available, sun glasses offer an exciting basis for the costume jewelry designer or even a jewelry hobbyist to make their own decorative sun glasses using inexpensive frames and a variety of jewelry findings.

Some things to consider when planning to embellish sun glasses are:

  • what is the shape of the frame
  • how much surface area is available for affixing the decorative details
  • what is the color of the frame
  • what is the look you want to develop?

Do you want the simple feminine elegance of a Jackie-O style or a rhinestone studded catís eye shaped vintage sun glasses reminiscent of the 1950ís or something in between? When perusing your jewelry findings library looking for filigrees and decorative stampings that are suitable, keep in mind that the rings on an item can be tiny stone holes and that a pair of cutting pliers can be your handiest tool.

As you can see using findings as an embellishments also provides a way to quickly enter the custom sunglass business.

Here are some Guyot decorative brass jewelry findings that can easily be used on sun glass frames.

Brass ornament style 6279

Scallop shell charm 06945-NR

Filigree butterfly 06377

Brass ornament style 5802-NR

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