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What tools do I need to get started scrapbooking?


For the uninitiated, a trip to the scrapbook store can be an overwhelming experience. But if you have a drawer full of pictures and you donít know what to do with them, then scrapbooking could become an interesting pastime.

There are so many options for building just one scrapbook page that it is a challenge to even narrow down how you want to build a page. Many themes can be incorporated into a scrapbook; weddings, birthdays, any kind of sports, soccer, hockey, cheerleading.

There are musical themes, Christenings, baptisms, a vacation of any kind. Any story or memory you have in mind can be expressed in a beautiful scrapbook. There are a number of tools and implements found in scrapbooking stores which come from various industries. 

  • Flat stickers
  • padded stickers
  • pens
  • colored pencils 
  • markers of all different colors
  • Exacto knives
  • scissors with either a straight or an odd sort of trim
  • pre-cut trims
  • buttons available in many different colors
  • thousands of paper styles, ranging from every color of the rainbow to every color in between line the shelves of even a small scrapbooking store. Printed paper squares, offered similarly to fabric squares offered in quilting shops, are also in abundance at scrapbook stores.

But where to start? It would be easy to spend hundreds of dollars for a start-up kit if you want to start a scrapbook and donít know what you really need. 

A list of items that would compile a good startup kit for scrapbooking would include: 

  • binders for scrapbooking
  • filler pages
  • a ruler or straight edge
  • a paper cutter
  • an Exacto knife
  • Fiskars scissors with patterned blade cuts
  • Acid free paper, which helps prevent fading, either solid, printed, or a combination of both, will be suitable for multiple projects. 
  • Writing and marking tools for journaling, including markers, crayons, colored pencils, rubber stamps with ink, Sharpies in a variety of colors are essential for adding notes and personal memories. Some scrapbook supply companies also offer their own permanent fine tipped pens.  
  • adhesive and embellishments (stickers, decorative staples, brass stampings and other jewelry findings, ribbons, and rhinestones)

A look at the history of scrapbooking will reveal the lives and dreams of families and individuals, accomplishments and visionary perspectives, from artistís renderings to college graduations, and even helpful household hints.


A bit of jewelry history can be found in one of Numa Guyotís scrapbooks. 

Originally an engraver for gold watch backs, Numa kept a scrapbook of design ideas for future use or designs he previously engraved - perhaps a precursor to the jewelry findings catalog or product catalogs in general. A close inspection of Numaís scrapbook will reveal some familiar shapes and stylized work, tidbits that were eventually added to the Guyot line. Many Guyot stamped jewelry findings have found their way in to modern day scrapbooks as embellishments and added details which help add dimension to the stories so carefully presented therein.


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