Scarf Clip 
Open scarf clip made  with a brass maple leaf jewerly finding.

A scarf clip is a versatile accessory especially appreciated by those, who due to allergies or skin sensitivities cannot wear jewelry, or for those who like the warmth of a scarf in a chilly environment.

The scarf clip is also something of a hybrid in that it is functional and decorative at the same time. The clip itself is a hinged metal object with a loop on one side and a flat paddle or round shaped disk on the other side. The paddle area is where a decorative jewelry finding, cabochon, cameo, or any other object the designer chooses to use is affixed.

To wear a scarf clip, simply open the clip, slip the scarf through the open loop so that the decorative side is facing out from the body, and at the desired location, close the clip to keep it in place.

Guyot Brothers has scores of decorative items, some simple, some fancy, that are beautiful embellishments for scarf clips. Seasonal charms and motifs such as a snowman, Santa Claus, sailboats, butterflies, a teddy bear, hearts, scales of justice, a book, a globe, and even a panda bear are excellent components for this use. For a more classic appearance, cameo and cabochon frames, flowers, leaves, geometric shapes, Art Nouveau style, Art Deco style, and Victorian style findings are available. Lacy filigree with an intriguing dap and some Swarovski crystals is a natural accompaniment for a gentle flowing silk scarf resting lightly on a lady's blouse.

Scarf clipmade of a concho finding, side view with red scarf.


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