Ad specialty items

Ad specialty is an abbreviation for Advertising Specialty. It is also abbreviated to ad-spec. The advertising specialty item or promotional item is an interesting hybrid product that combines a function and  or decoration with some form of advertising.

There is a wide range of ad-specialty items or promotional products which can include:

  • T-shirts
  • sweatshirts
  • beachwear
  • umbrellas
  • pencils
  • pens
  • lapel pins
  • notebooks
  • book covers
  • bookmarks
  • calling card holders
  • rain ponchos
  • visor hats
  • golf tees
  • tennis and other sports towels
  • clear Lucite paperweights
  • golf balls
  • tennis balls
  • sport drink bottles
  • Christmas ornaments
  • coffee mugs
  • wine glasses
  • promotional lanyards
  • teacups
  • jewelry items
  • business greeting cards
  • business Christmas cards
  • golf ball markers


Even a hot air balloon can be an ad-specialty item. 
Consider the Goodyear Blimp -- a giant advertising specialty!


Ad specialties are usually given away as a thank you at charity events and fundraisers, sold to the general public in support of restoration projects, museum exhibits, awareness events, school fundraisers, given to employees as awards at corporate events and celebrations, etc. Your umbrella might be the one you received when you sent a check to National Public Radio or your Public Broadcasting television channel. Your favorite hat pin might be from a golf tournament or tennis match. Ad-specialty items are also used as trade show items and give away premiums. The purpose of the ad-specialty item is to remind the user of the product or anyone who notices the product, about the company or organization who is advertised on it.

Ball point pen from a mnufacturing competiveness conference

Jewelry is a well-used category in the advertising specialty realm. Lapel pins, hat pins, stick pins and even pendants and bracelets can be used as advertising specialties. Because of the wide variety of motifs available from the costume jewelry manufacturing industry, there is a multitude of options available to the ad-specialty product developer. 

A simple motif such as a golf ball can be used in conjunction with a stamped frame, some silk-screening to add identifying words, and a clear epoxy coating to create a very presentable ad specialty item. Whether it is made into a divot repair tool or a key ring can be an easy decision for the developer once the jewelry components are gathered. A sunflower motif might find its way onto a hat pin or eyeglass pin to be distributed by a seed grower or garden supply distributor. A laminated bookmark with a publisherís corporate logo can easily take a charm of any style to add interest and value to the item, to be used at a convention or as a book promotion. A cat or dolphin charm would be appropriate to use, for example, when promoting a new book on cats or dolphins. The custom lanyard, which is often used for wearing identification cards, can also be considered an ad-specialty item.

Because they are economical and easy to manufacture, advertising specialties are a cost-efficient means of spreading the word. Look around and you will see these low-cost, silent messengers nearly everywhere.

Here are some examples of some charms and motifs made by 
Guyot Brothers Co Inc that easily lend themselves to the ad-specialty use. 

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