Photo of rhinestone cuff bracelet.

Prom Jewelry

(above) These long and showy rhinestone chandelier ear rings would surely add a bold and dashing touch of graceful elegance. 

(below) These Swarovski rhinestone flower earrings are guaranteed eye catchers

The Prom. It only happens once which is why we strive to make it perfect, and prom jewelry should be like the girl wearing it…noticeable. No doubt it is the key accessory in achieving a flawless look for this exhilarating event. She wants to wear something that reflects her personality and shouts out for attention, while at the same time is in harmony with the beautiful gown she spent days or maybe even weeks dreaming of and selecting.

The style of the prom gown is an important factor to keep in mind when selecting prom jewelry. For instance, if the gown is a tailored one, having sleek lines and a mostly solid color, bigger and more vibrant, dazzling jewelry with rhinestones or colorful gems adds excitement to the ensemble and enhances the simple elegance of the gown. With a fun up-do hairstyle, large chandelier earrings and a matching necklace and bracelet would create a decadent look. Some dazzling rhinestone dangling earrings with a matching rhinestone bracelet would also be an excellent choice of jewelry to go with a tailored prom gown. 

Gemstone enhanced earrings or a colorful barrette can also add a lively touch to the elegance of a tailored dress.

Jewelry to go with a more complex, intricate, Cinderella style prom gown should not take away from the enchantment of the dress. Jewelry should only complement this type of gown which calls for something sleek and simple, yet lustrous like a gold or silver necklace, perhaps with a single gemstone to enhance the neckline of the gown. The lavishness of a Cinderella style gown calls for smaller button type earrings. A single pearl or gold bead can create a look that will magically generate the much deserved interest and attention. Single rhinestones or gems would add the perfect sparkle. Because of the lacy look of filigree, filigree style earrings can coordinate beautifully with any delicate embroidery on a prom dress, but especially a vintage or antique style gown. Taking the Cinderella look to its fullest, a dazzling tiara set stunningly atop an up-do hairstyle, or graceful flowing curls.

A simple bracelet can add pizzazz and luster to any ensemble, while at the same time showcase any gown. Every movement of the arm drawing in the attention of all those around. When selecting you bracelet, like your necklace it is vital to keep in mind that the color of the jewelry be coordinated with the gown, gold tones would look best with warmer colors more natural tones, whereas a vibrant pink or turquoise gown screams out for silver jewelry.

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