Place card holders are used to help guests find their seat at a dinner function or wedding, and with careful consideration given by the hostess, the attending guests will find compatible and interesting conversation among their tablemates. They can also ease the tension of not knowing where to sit.

Whether on a dinner table at home, at a wedding reception or other function, place card holders can add an elegant touch to any place setting.

They are also suitable as giveaways at wedding receptions, showers, or any event where a favor is appropriate. When  finished in a silver plate it will blend in beautifully  with most tableware. The lacy filigree and well balanced design of the example below make this place card holder special.

They can be made of a variety of different materials, from plastic to elegant polished sterling. They can be humorous, theme related or a simple classic filigree design as shown.

Place card holders can carry various themes, like sporting motifs, or flowers, or sailboats. One could add a custom motif for a particular group, Lady Justice for legal dinner functions, for instance. A cross might be appropriate for a church related dinner. Wedding bells for weddings or bridal showers offers universal appeal. 

Sold in sets, or individually as a retail item, place card holders can be bought for self or as a gift. They can also be sold in quantity to country clubs, restaurants, reception centers; any facility which serves parties where guest placement is a concern. In this case, they are reused.

For party favors, they would be given away, taking care of this detail for the party planner.

Place card holders have multiple markets; bridal, gift, corporate, office supply, restaurants, teachers, teashops and function facilities. Often thought of as old fashioned, place cardholders have a thoroughly modern application.



This item can also be used as menu card stands as well as a calling card holder. The folded holder component, is sturdy but soft enough to squeeze one card into it, or you can open it up to hold a dozen cards, making a nice calling card presentation for a woman’s desk. This is an excellent gift choice for professional women. Suitable for custom embellishment, like sporting motifs, flowers, sailboats or any of the almost endless themes available today.



For professional motif a Lady Justice charm is a good choice for lawyers , nurses, a caduceus. You could add a cross. Guyot’s 8288 cross charm would fit perfectly, as would our wedding bell charm, ideal for the wedding planner. Decorated with rhinestones it would make a real standout for anyone with a smile.

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