Small brass heart decorative jewelry finding.

Small brass heart decorative jewelry finding.



         Mother's Day Jewelry 


Special days or events  trigger the creation of jewelry categories all their own and "mother's day jewelry" certainly is one of those classic stand alone categories.

Mother's Day jewelry takes on a variety of themes but almost always by its nature is a pin, bracelet or necklace. Its basic premise is that it carries a part (or finding) that represents each of the mother's children. This is achieved in many different ways, however, one of  the most common is through the use of birthstones. Each child's birthstone is placed in a stone setting and the settings are then mounted on a piece of jewelry. Necklaces with birthstones of the family are a terrific gift item as are handmade birthstone bracelets. They are usually but not always arranged in the order of birth, but in some cases the set stones are arranged by color.

Not all mother's Day jewelry involves the use of birthstones. Often it is made up of charms that are configured as the child's initials or sometimes even charms representing the child's special interests or gifts.( i.e. musical instrument charms, sports theme charms, charms honoring scholastic achievement) Also pieces using Flower of the Month charms have been popular over the years, especially with the mother having horticultural interests. 

Another mother's day jewelry theme seen in the past has been the zodiac or astrological theme where a charm representing the zodiac signs of each child is used. Whatever way it is put together, a piece of Mother's Day jewelry is always an appreciated gift.

Other Mother's Day Design Thoughts

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