Also known as a paper knife, the letter opener is one of those objects that can add a decorative touch to a collection of desk accessories while at the same time prevent those painful paper cuts we incur when opening sealed envelopes with our fingertips.


The letter opener has been designed in many different ways, from ornate and bejeweled paper knives fabricated to resemble swords, to "Plain Jane", molded plastic razor type openers that are often given away as ad-specialty items.
A mechanical envelope slicer was developed over 50 years ago by an office equipment company who is still in business today, and it is a rugged, purely functional hand operated machine. Somewhere in between the precious gem encrusted museum quality desk ornament and the molded plastic paper slicer is the simple metal blade letter opener that can be fashioned and embellished using jewelry findings and decorative stampings.

Antique desk top mechanical letter opener once made by Pitney-Bowes.

Mechanical Office Letter Opener

Once again the use of decorative stampings allows the designer to take a simple object and create hundreds of different style Letter openers, which can be used as gifts for: Teachers, Pastors, Corporate Awards, Job Promotions
Hostess Gifts, Business Associates, Graduations, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Bridal Parties. Or any other event where a moderately priced gift like a letter opener would be welcome.
A dazzling letter opener made with jewels and jewelry findings.

A letter opener made to look like a small sword, or sword letter opener.


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