Lapel Pins


Simply stated, a lapel pin is a pin which is intended to be worn on the lapel of a jacket or coat. As with most simple terms, many variables and differing details were distilled down to make a single line definition. Lapel pins are generally small, under an inch or so, and are usually made to be a clearly identifiable motif. They are worn by men and women alike, and are usually worn one at a time. One reason lapel pins are such a popular item is that they can be easily customized.

Custom lapel pins are a very versatile type of jewelry item, used in many different ways for many different purposes:

  • Worn as identifiers by members of club and fraternal organizations.
  • Used and worn as campaign pins during elections years (elephants & donkeys being very popular motifs).
  • Worn to create awareness (Awareness Lapel Pins) of a cause ranging from breast cancer research or stopping real estate development or demolition.
  • Given out as corporate or professional identifiers.
  • Created as award lapel pins for accomplishments ranging from perfect attendance to years of service.
  • State lapel pins make terrific collectables or mementos pinned to a custom lanyard, a hobby encouraged by many major theme parks.
  • Logo lapel pins are often used as promotional items to stimulate everything from helicopter sales to home equity loans, the cheapest auto insurance, to conference calling.

Of course, lapel pins need not be worn only on the lapel. Many collectors may prefer to wear them on a lanyard or as a hat pin on a cap. They can also be worn as tie tacks if the post is long enough, or even pinned onto a favorite tote bag. Custom made lapel pins can be an ideal object for networking, breaking the conversational ice for many a convention-goers, traveler, transit lapel pin or seminar attendee. NASCAR fans nationwide immediately have something in common when they notice a crossed checkered flag or Daytona Speedway tack pin on a cap or jacket.

As a commemorative item, a person might wear a parachute pin to share the experience of their first parachute jump or a wolf pin to remember their wolf encounter. Military lapel pins as well military hat pins are worn by and in support of a nation’s military, and an American flag lapel pin can be worn as a symbol of patriotism.

These are just a few of the scores of ways a custom lapel pin manufacturer can satisfy the needs of their customers.

Stock lapel pins are ideal identifiers for smaller events including family reunions or school achievement awards. Companies offering stock lapel pins often include the following themes, Christmas, toy box, good luck, sports and fishing, boating, wild animals, musical, equestrian, horseracing, transportation lapel pins, patriotic, graduation class year, travel, cats and dogs, smiley angel lapel pins and crosses. A recent fad is alphabet lapel pins"

Here are some examples of Guyot stamped motif findings  that can be easily used to design men lapel pin or in making stock lapel pins.

Brass piano motilf suitable for a musicians lapel pin.

A brass golfball motif sutiable for making a golf ball lapel pin.

A statue of liberty lapel pin in an antique bronze finish.

Brass baseball motif suitable for mking a baseball lapel pin.

Brass bowling pin motif suitable for making a bowling lapel pin.

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