Jewelry and Women’s Sports

As young female athletes across the country know, there are many sports played where jewelry is not allowed on the field or court. But that in no way means that the player of the sport does not wear and appreciate jewelry. A recent newspaper photograph of a local high school student in a Tennis match wearing a shell necklace, hoop earrings, and a heart charm Tiffany style bracelet is a reminder of this fact.

In some sports, like Tennis, Golf, and Bowling, the players are allowed to wear jewelry while engaged in the competition. Other sports, however, such as contact sports including Basketball, Cheerleading, Field Hockey, and Soccer, have rules, which do not allow the players to wear jewelry while competing in the game.

Sports related jewelry is a frequently given gift at women’s post-season banquets and awards ceremonies. Earrings, pendants, award pins with various sports motifs are welcome and worn jewelry items. These items are special gifts often given to all the team mates who played a particular sport, or they can be awarded to the top players or captains of a team for their extra effort throughout the season.

Guyot Brothers makes a variety of sports charms and motifs, which are perfect for costume jewelry makers and award pin makers in producing sports related items. Available in brass or sterling, Guyot sports related charms satisfy a wide range of needs in this realm of costume jewelry making.


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