Handbag Accents

An important consideration in designing a fashionable handbag is the finishing touches for buttons, closures, and zipper pulls, and the quality of the product used. When designing one of our famous "Rag Bags", we at Alden Micheal Designs like to choose brass ornaments, charms and filigrees to compliment the style and size of the bags as well as enhance the color of the fabric. Flower ornaments and charms are a natural touch for the summer pastel colors of our "RAG BAGS". Geometric shapes and small flower filigrees are fantastic on the small Extra Pocket Bags. We use a variety of embellishments to decorate the purses and handbags and to set our bags apart from others; decorative stampings strategically placed to cover the magnetic snap allows for the ornament, charm or filigree to be eye-catching as well as functional.

Photo of 2 sylish rag bags depicting Guyot brass ornaments.

The quality of the adornment is vital to the final look of the bag. A high quality embellishment gives the polished appearance that we look for in all of our products.

Photo of a designer handbag embellished with filigrees.

A good quality Guyot Brothers filigree, charm or ornament is very important to us because all of our handbags are durable enough to hold up against the rigors of washing and daily use. The brass ornaments, charms, and filigrees must not only hold their shape through the wear and tear of everyday use; they must withstand hand washing and drying. At Alden Micheal designs we demand that the quality of our adornments match the quality of our bags. Here is an example of how brass stampings can be used as an embellishment on a handbag. Perfect accents for your denim purse designs.

Thank you to Barbara and Antone Arruda of Alden Micheal Designs, designers of the boldly stylish "Rag Bags", for their contribution of this article and photo.

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