Graduation Gifts

Picture of graduation charms for 04,05 and 06.

While "cash is king" to a recent high school or college graduate, many times as the gift giver, we like to package that reward money with a token gift. That leads to the obvious question - what can we give to the successful student? A gift that is complimentary but affordable.

Many options are available, including jewelry items such as charms or pendants with the graduation year or other charm symbolic of the studentís progress or interest. Graduation numeral "year" charms are always appropriate for a young lady, and the same motif can be made into a hat pin, lapel pin, or tie tack for the young man.

Book charms, angel charms, even bookmarks with the graduate's zodiac sign would be an appreciated gift.

If youíre the crafty type and have been building a scrapbook for your favorite young friend, then these motifs are also charming embellishments for the various achievements you want to recognize.

Shown here are a few examples of Guyot raw brass charms that are easily used in making graduation gifts.



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