Golf ball markers         


Golf ball markers are one of those funny things; popular as gift and charity  tournament give-away items, rarely used, but yet often becoming collectables. Some collections number in the thousands, with the most sought after markers coming from the major golf tournaments like The Open Championship and  Masters golf tournament. Golfers who travel frequently collect ball markers from the various courses and resorts they’ve played. Golf ball markers are like modern-day matchbooks for golfers.

As there are no "legal sized"  golf ball markers or other rules governing the make up of a ball marker, they can be round, diamond shaped, triangular or even the shape of your favorite motif. People wear themed jewelry as a novelty item, why not themed golf ball markers?

They can be made from all kinds of materials, metal, with or without a stone, cloisonné and even plastic. As there is "no legal size golf ball markers" some are as large as a half dollar, others as small as a collar button.

A few years ago, some golf glove manufacturers started attaching ball markers to their gloves with a little snap. Women found they  like to use these so they are now known as "women's golf ball markers" while men continued to prefer the use of their "lucky" markers or coins.

Guyot’s golf ball charm/motif would make a nice marker. It could be lacquered white and silk screened with a name or logo, or simply gold plated as is. It would stand out quite nicely and make a handsome give-away.

 07117      Brass golf ball charm.              A brass golf ball motif.      07117-NR




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