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Thinking of garden ornaments it often calls up images of plastic pink flamingos "strolling" about the newly installed rain bird sprinkler system, or perhaps an image of a fountain made to look like some form of  architectural pottery that you saw at the lawn sprinkler supply store. Truth be told the love and daring use of garden ornamentation from a different time is being re-born and redeveloped not only in the large cement sculpture studios but in the small craft shops as well. 

Lawn and garden decor angels, brass flowers and dragonflies gleaming in the sun light draw your eye to that small patch of ornamental grass. Or maybe a brass hummingbird draws your attention  and refocuses it on that stunning purple iris. While a gentle breeze brings the brass butterfly wind chime to 

life to play its refreshing summer melody. Today's low voltage landscape lighting brings the added delight of night time enjoyment of you garden's pleasures as well. Used to accent everything from the specimen azalea in its cool spring evening burst of color to the your native American Pottery collection sitting on patio's edge. Why not a smattering of brass butterflies on those lighting system covers ?

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