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Besides style, placement of knobs or handles provides another avenue for creativity, say Chromy and interior designer Tom Hoffman, owner of Tom Hoffman Design in Milwaukee.

"People are becoming aware that they donít have to accept plain 1 1/4-inch knobs and that there doesnít have to be a knob on a door and a pull (the hardware trade word for handle) on a drawer," Chromy says. "You can have fun with it. You can use a knob or a pull-you can use two pulls, or a pull and a knob."

Hoffman and Chromy worked together with a client who wanted special hardware on his bar cabinetry, which had a drawer positioned right above a cabinet door.

They used a silver martini-glass-shaped knob on the door and, directly above it on the drawer, they placed a round silver knob to simulate an olive.

Hoffman has also put multiple knobs-each a different color-on drawers for a playful look.

Changing knobs and handles on cabinetry or furniture can be creative and artistic, he says.

"Itís just another avenue for design," he says.

Photo gallery of decorative knobs and handles

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