Father's Day Gifts  

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What to give Dad for Father's day ? A perplexing question if there ever was one. Should it be a dozen golf balls he can hit into a pond or lose  in the woods ? How far past the last one sinking to the bottom of the pond will he remember this gift ?  How about a tie or a belt that goes with nothing ? True he will remember it, keep it, and some day it will bring you both a warm smile of remembrance.

Why not instead give a gift that he'll be able to tell others "my daughter gave me this for Father's day" or "yeah, my son got this for me for Father's day". A monogram or birthstone tie tack or hat/lapel pin will do the trick. In these times of more casual dress, high level accessory stands out that much more when it comes to dress-up time. Really jazz him with a pair of monogram cuff links ! Not the tie and cuff links type, how about a monogrammed key chain fob ? Not the monogram type ? Any of these items can also be made with his favorite motif.  Guyot Brothers  initial findings and themed charms and motifs have been used to make Father's day gifts since 1904. so if you're thinking of adding a few men's items to your line, don't forget to give our line a peek.

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