When you think of precious stones, what comes to mind? Beauty, wealth, sophistication, magical powers, healing powers? It is most likely that the Emerald would find a home in each of these niches.

The Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. Appropriate because in the month of May, much like the color of an emerald, the leaves on the trees have burst forth a brilliant green, flowers have pushed their green stems and leaves through the soil, and the brown grass of winter has turned bright green. Simple beauty.

Emeralds, although by themselves are beautiful and elegant, in a crowd of other gems, stand out. The emerald is one of but a few gemstones lustrous enough to sparkle even in the dim light of a candle. 

Emeralds are found in many shapes and sizes; small enough for a child’s tiny ring, ranging all the way to 2,680 carats found in the History of Art Museum in Vienna.

Where do emeralds come from ?

Emeralds are mined from the earth. In ancient times, they all originated from the only known deposits - the Cleopatra mine on the Red Sea. This changed in the sixteenth century, when Cortez and Pizzaro conquered South America and the riches taken from the Aztec temples found their way to Europe. Today, emeralds are mined in many areas including Austria, Brazil, India, and Africa.

Emerald properties

It was thought that the emerald was a family of gemstones by itself, but Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD), a Roman naturalist determined that the emerald is a member of the beryl family of gemstones. It was established in the nineteenth century that Pliny was correct.

It is chromium oxide that is important to the extraordinary green coloring of the emerald. Trace elements of iron and vanadium, which frequently are found with chromium, can create yellow and bluish tints.

Despite the apparent hardness of the emerald, it is, in fact, more sensitive than other gemstones. Therefore special care is required in the handling and wearing of emeralds.

Do Emeralds have healing powers ?

Some believe the emerald aids in the recovery of many ailments, such as sinus problems, lungs, the heart. It is also believed to relieve arthritis and diabetes, as well as having the power to detoxify the liver. Julius Caesar was especially fond of emeralds and collected them, believing in their powers as medicinal remedies. An especially valuable emerald weighing 225 carats and bearing an engraved portrait of Julius Caesar now resides in the United States.

To benefit the most, it is said that one should wear the emerald on the little finger, the ring finger, over the heart or on the right arm. However, be careful, because wearing it all the time can cause negative emotions!



A photo of and emerald and diamond ensemble including emerald and diamond earrings and a engagement ring with columbian emerald.

The above photo shows a stunning 
emerald and diamond ensemble 
featuring 2 breathtakingly stunning 
pair of emerald diamond earring,
 an emerald and diamond ring and 
 emerald and diamond necklace.

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