Since ancient times people have wanted to adorn themselves.

Earrings one of the first forms of adornment have stood the test of time. Today there are many kinds of earrings: Button earrings, hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, tailored earrings, pierced earrings, and clip earrings.

They can range in size from 1/4" to 4", depending on what the current fashion trends are. Earrings can have gemstones, semi-precious stones, or plastic stones. They can be made with beads, attached

To the ear with French hooks, kidney wires, euro-wires or clips. Most women who have pierced ears, do not go a day without wearing earrings.

Metal formed earrings can be made from brass (plated, antique, gold color, silver color). They can be made of karat gold, platinum, sterling, copper or just about any non-toxic material. Ear wires and ear posts are usually gold, gold filled, sterling, surgical steel, or gold plated. Metallic earrings are mostly made with filigree, charms, solid metal shapes, beads and formed tubular metal, they can be as simple as a pearl on a post, or as complex as 6" beaded shoulder dusters.

At one time polite society dictated that only adult women wear earrings. Now, there are almost no restrictions. Infants may have their ears pierced at birth. Teenagers wear multiple piercings, which seems to mean as many as ten earrings per ear.

Men’s earrings were once "just for Pirates". Now men of all ages and backgrounds are wearing earrings. From 6 to 60, dentists to clergy, athletes to TV journalists.

Earrings can also be made with specific charms and motifs to indicate the individuals’ special interest. Horse lovers might wear horse earrings, unicorn aficionados would wear a unicorn earring, Nascar fans may wear checkered flag earrings! Cat fanciers, well, surely, you’ve seen cat earrings!

No doubt, earrings are here to stay not only because they are a great form of adornment but  because they are just plain fun!

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Pre-1960 Genuine scarab ear rings, limited quantity
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Pre-1960 Genuine onyx ear rings, limited quantity
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