Probably taken from the sweater clip concept, dress clips are a combination not only of jewelry and accessory item, but adornment and necessity as well.

Simply constructed, dress clips are usually made using two alligator clips, which are attached with 3 - 6" of chains, pearl strands, or bead strands. The alligator clips attach to the back of the dress, at the desired location of the user, in such a way that a gentle and smart pleat is folded and making the dress a better and more comfortable fit for the wearer.

A dress clip made from 3 strands of pearls and 2 alligator clips with pads suitable for adding decorative jewelry findings and other types of opulent embellishments.

A photo of a dress clip using a triple strand of pearls.

The dress clip is a very useful accessory when loose, oversized dresses are in fashion. Dress clips are also a helpful tool to those who are in a weight loss program and are not ready to invest in new, smaller-sized clothing.

In the example shown upper left the alligator clips are unadorned, however, the surface of the clip is an ideal place to solder or gluing a decorative jewelry finding such as a flower, leaf, heart, concho, another favorite motif, or geometric shape. One thing to keep in mind when embellishing a dress clip is to keep the overall shape fairly flat or it can be uncomfortable to lean against while seated. Here are some examples of some Guyot decorative stampings that would be suitable for this use.


Dress clip shown with decorative findings that could be used for embellishment. 

A photo of a dress clip using a triple strand of pearls, showing the back of the clip action.

A photo a a dress clip and some ornamental findings that could be used to embellish it.

A photo showing the clip action of a dress clip.

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