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Digital Picture Frame Embellishments


Stroll through any department store or electronics store, and at some point it is it likely that you will run across a display of digital picture frames. These mini slide-show electronic devices are a fun and space saving way to have a collection of photos at your workspace, in the classroom, or as a conversation piece in your home.

Digital photo frames are electronic in nature, but it does not mean that the frame around the screen must be plain. Affixing motifs that will dress them up, customizing the frame to a certain décor or subject of interest might be a fun option.

For example, as a wedding gift or bridal shower gift, the frame can be embellished with fancy corners, wedding bells, hearts, or other bridal themes. A First Communion slide show can carry a Christian or Biblical theme. If Dad likes to fish, why not include fishing and other sea life motifs to enhance the photos of “the big one” he caught on his last trip, and present it to him as a Father’s Day gift? 


Grandparents who live a distance from their families, or who travel to warmer climates in the winter will appreciate a digital photo frame decorated by their grandchildren to carry with them and share with friends.

Guyot Brothers makes a wide variety of decorative stampings that can be easily affixed, making customization of digital photo frames easy and fun.


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