Decorative Plate Rack


  Sometimes a dinner plate is just too special to be used for food. Perhaps it is a commemorative plate celebrating a church anniversary, a special Christmas plate, or maybe it is an antique piece in a lovely Flow Blue or Wedgwood design, and it is more art than dinnerware. So what to do? Such collectable kitchen plates should not be stored in a cupboard but displayed for the enjoyment of your family and guests.

If you are among the lucky who have plates worth displaying then you probably own some display stands or holders. There are a number of styles ranging from wall display plate racks to mantle top plate holders, from free formed acrylic to carved wood or wire formed. Decorative plate display stands are yet another way ornamental stampings can be used to enhance an already enticing design concept.

The broad range of decorative stampings available make it possible to decorate plate racks or displays with a number of themed motifs. For example you could adorn your plate display rack with a cross for the various commemorative church plates, or a fleur d'lis for those heraldic collector plates or even a brass orchid stamping for those beautiful Hawaiian decorative plates. 




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