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Decorative Light Bulb Filaments


Almost since the invention of the electric bulb itself, decorative light bulbs have captured our imaginations. From your basic "colored Christmas light bulb" to today's dramatic in-home fiber optic displays, decorative light bulbs have found their way into our lives. Through the middle of the 20th century, from the 1930's through the 1970's, The Aerolux Light company made decorative light bulbs its specialty. Its range of products include beautiful flower bulbs and animals, as well as insignia bulbs for groups like the Free Masons and even the Republican Party. Perhaps their most well known product though, turned out to be the "Flicker Flame" with sales eclipsing tens of millions of pieces. These skillfully manufactured bulbs not only provided a warm and cordial atmosphere, but being relaxing on the eyes, many of these Aerolux beauties became America's night lights. Guyot Brothers, a manufacturer of decorative jewelry findings, found itself in the middle of the decorative light bulb field when Aerolux selected many of its items for their decorative bulb collection. We hope you enjoy this peek backwards at a one-time very popular use of decorative jewelry findings.


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