Decorative Brass Washers

decorative brass washers with a hammered texture

A variety of hammered shapes that can be used as washers

Leave it to jewelry designers to find inspiration in the hardware store. Jewelry made from washers is an example of this and from the looks of Pinterest and Google search results, jewelry made with washers is here for a while.  

Designers stamp words and symbols on the washers, they loop them together into giant chainmaille or linked necklaces and bracelets, the washers are powder-coated, painted or oxidized, wrapped in fabric, wire, ribbon, sometimes even decoupage’d with colorful paper. 

In traditional use, washers are used to lend support and distribute load on the structure of an item like furniture, machinery, or automobiles.  

Plain Steel Washers

Typical steel washers found at the hardware store

The same is true for jewelry making and other decorative arts. Delicately carved flowers or figurines and embellishments that would not stand on their own can be riveted or adhered to a filigree washer for support.  

Filigrees that can be used as decorative brass washers in jewelry making

Filigrees that can work as decorative washers

Typical steel washers from the hardware store have found a place in jewelry making, and decorative brass washers are available in abundance from Guyot Brothers. They can be plated or antiqued, or used as is, depending on the application and if the designer does not object to naturally occurring patinas. Decorative brass washers can be mingled with other components to add movement and interest. They can be used as a loop component in toggle clasp assemblies. In dollhouses, a fancy mirror on the wall might wall might well be constructed from a decorative brass washer. With the right sized center hole, usually to accommodate a Chicago screw, these brass fancies can be tucked behind a knob on cabinetry or furniture, or even used in equine bridles as conchos.  


A variety of die-struck washers, a clasp assembly, filigree with center hole for Chicago screw

Since there are so many different styles in the families of brass washers, they can be used without having to paint, stamp, or manipulate, because they bring their own distinctive look to the finished object. For a quick transformation, simply hang a filigree or other decorative washer on an ear wire, and you have an extraordinary earring!

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