Cosmetics Packaging using 
Jewelry Findings

It is not uncommon for jewelry findings and decorative stampings to be used as part of creative cosmetics and fragrance packaging. Different motifs and charms can be used on the perfume bottle or decorative box to catch attention and communicate the mood the perfume or cosmetic item is meant to imply to the customer. Motifs also help in presenting a product to a target sector or specific age group.

Cover of Women's Wear daily showing a perfume bottle decorated with jewelry findings.

Close up photo of sandal charms used to decoratate a J-LO perfume bottle.

An excellent example of using jewelry findings is the pair of beach sandals linked on to a bottle of "Miami Glow" perfume, part of the Jennifer Lopez line of fragrances. The beach sandals hint at warm weather, beach sand, and the carefree feeling of being young and hip. Here is a photo from the November 19, 2004 issue of Women's Wear Daily, showing a bottle of "Miami Glow" with the beach sandals attached.

More examples of an elaborate packaging concept for perfume is shown here.

Photo of an elaborate perfume bottle with a ballerina brooch as added decoration.

Photo close up of a ballerina brooch used to adorn a perfume bottle.

A photo showing a heart shaped jewelry finding as ornamentation on a perfume bottle.

This French Perfume, called "Lolita Lempicka" is stored on a wire frame formed into a romantic floral swing with a small fairy or butterfly girl riding the swing. The enameled flower and butterfly girl/fairy are actually a brooch that can be removed from the fabric flower backdrop. Wearing the perfume and matched enameled brooch at the same time could make for a remarkable, romantic presence.

A photo of a powder case with a sea shell embellishment.

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