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In high school sports, commemorative jewelry is also known as "sports rates", and they are tack style pins made with motifs of different sports, along with service bars for multiple years of team play. Although they are not dated, sports awards pins can be considered commemorative. Here is an example of some sports rates.

A very well know commemorative pin in the costume jewelry world is the "Remember Pearl Harbor" pin designed by Walter Lampl in 1941. This pin was designed, not only as a reminder of that tragic day, but they were also used to raise funds for the Pearl Harbor Relief Fund.

War Reunions often included issuing a commemorative medal, which were given to the soldiers as a remembrance of the close bonds their units formed during the ravages of battle. Souvenir pins during the Civil War were also made for the family members who attended the reunions. 

Trail medals -- one might not think of a trail medal as commemorative jewelry, but they have all of the necessary components to be called jewelry: Decorative findings (the medal itself and the ribbon), and functional findings (a pin back and a jump ring). Trail medals are proudly worn by Boy Scouts who successfully complete these long and sometimes very challenging historical trail hikes.


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