Commemorative Jewelry

Soccer ball charm easily used in mkaing a World Cup Charm

Soccer ball motif suitable for make a World Cup Lapel Pin

Used to acknowledge historic events, like the moon landing 1960 commemorative coin, promotions, and advancements, like the silver military challenge coins, commemorative jewelry is a solid and meaningful benchmark of accomplishment.

Commemorative jewelry is frequently, but not always, gender neutral. Lapel pins tend to be the most popular type of commemorative jewelry, although other types of pins, as well as pendants and rings, are also used.

Some examples of athletic commemorative jewelry are team rings and championship rings. Professional Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey teams will commission championship team rings to be made when they win the World Series, NBA Championship, the Super Bowl, or NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. Here is an example of a New England Patriots team ring.

Nascar jewelry and World Cup Soccer jewelry also have a tremendous popular appeal.


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