A collage angel image brooch where  brass dragonfly wings become angel wings.

Collage Art/
Altered Art

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A collage is a kind of surrealist art in which bits of flat objects are used in incongruous relationship for their symbolic or suggestive effect. Collage jewelry is jewelry made using the processed described as collage.

The magic of collage art and collage jewelry not only creates wonder in the mind of the viewer, but in the boundless imagination of the creator. It can be almost like trying to capture a vivid dream and contain it in a three dimensional object to be worn or displayed.

It is in creating the collage art and jewelry that a simple bulls eye stamping becomes a fingerprint or a family of epoxied brass bunnies line up on a French barrette. Brass filigree becomes angel wings or lace petticoats and fans for the demure. Dragonfly wings can now be the enchanted wings of fairies and brass concentric circles find themselves in pairs as human anatomy or as lenses for eyeglasses on a smiling face. Musical instrument motifs become orchestras in symphony. An open stamped circle is the perfect fit for a halo, or a crown sets atop a baby’s photograph, to tell all who is king or queen of the family.

Not limited to jewelry findings, collage art uses a wide variety of media, including paper, paint, hardware, plastic, sequins, buttons, epoxy, card stock, fabric, wood, beads, and objects found in nature such as feathers, tree bark, stones, sea glass and anything else the artist finds to be suitable for the project at hand.

Collage can be used even in classic advertising methods. In this postcard, a popular type of direct mail advertising, a brass frog looks as if it has jumped from a collage of brass stampings to relay the message "look at me" from the sender.

A photo of  fantasy hair accessories for women.

An altered art brooch projects featuring an angel image brooch where  brass dragonfly wings become angel wings.



A custom post card picturing a crazy frog jumping into the middle of a pile of jewelry findings.

Additional Collage art/altered art photos

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