Candle jewelry - just what is it?


Bobeches - decorative plates that slip over a taper type candle, were at one time hung with crystal pendulums and the plate itself was made of glass, or other material. In more recent years as the product has changed, metal plates and charms once used only in jewelry making are now used in decorating candles. Charms can be used in themes for a light hearted effect or to match your whimsical candle holders.

Filigree drops can add a more vintage appeal.

Another way jewelry findings have seen alternative use in candle decor, is as a tack pin or stick pin which is pressed into the side or top of large, wide column candles.

Jewelry findings, charms, and trinkets are also placed in the melted wax while small column and votive style candles are made, and when the candle is melted down, the treasures are freed for use as jewelry. These can be fun and interesting gifts, as party favors at bridal showers, baby showers, weddings or other occasions where a nice but inexpensive gift is appropriate.

Jewelry findings, charms, filigree, ornaments, etc., can also be used in gel candles. You can also get some great look pieces by decorating candles with beads.

The findings are placed in the gel while it cools in the selected container, whether it be a votive holder or any other appropriate container. As the gel cools, the charms remain suspended in the gel, ready to be retrieved when the candle has burned down or left in the candle as a showpiece.



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