A brooch is a large decorative pin or clasp worn near or about the neck. Although a dictionary photo shows an item with vintage jewelry appeal, brooches have a wide berth for style and appeal. First created in the bronze age, the brooch or pin, as we sometimes now call it, is believed to originally have been made for the purpose of holding clothing together. Quite a long way from the huge 6 to 7 inch showcase brooches Miriam Haskell used to produce, but perhaps its these humble origins that give the wearer a permission to be flamboyant without being showy.

One of the styles developed along the way from purely functional to pure adornment, was the chatelaine, a brooch with chains attached. The chatelaine served many functions, from holding the house keys to sewing accessories and any other item helpful for the house makers daily duties. Chatelaines eventually became a part of everyday costume jewelry offerings, designed and worn simply as a matter of style. The brooch has come quite a long way from being a household tool!

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