Belt Buckles

Belts, like so many accessories that began as a simple functional item, have become the final touch to that perfect outfit. The belt has come a long way from the piece of hemp rope worn by Lil’ Abner in the Broadway theater production of the same name. Beyond theater costuming, belts are worn every day by millions if not billions of people world wide, not just for keeping your pants up, but as a personal style statement.

Belts are made of various materials, including leather, wide ribbon (also known as narrow fabric), webbing, macramé fibers, silk, patent leather, stretch fabric, chain, brass links, and any other fiber or material that will lend itself to the application. 

Belts are an unusual accessory from a manufacturing standpoint in that they are made to size, as is clothing. It is one of the few accessories that are sized to fit the wearer. Regardless of what the actual belt is made from, the focal point of the belt is the belt buckle. Belt buckles are made in many different styles. Conchos (also spelled concha), which is a word derived from the Spanish word for "shell", are a common application if an American Indian or Southwestern appeal is desired. 

Some belt buckles are simply D-rings, through which the belt is drawn and held with friction and tension. Military style buckles provide a flat surface for soldering a motif or decorative item, such as the Boy Scout emblem, or they can be left plain, highly polished, or with a satin finish. The military style buckle tends to be masculine in its appearance from a fashion standpoint, which can limit the variety of motifs used on them.

Leather belts are manufactured in a number of standard widths which requires a range of sizes for buckle application as well. Trophy buckles are a rare combination of award, jewelry and art form. Most are hand engraved and endowed with rosettes, champion banners and motifs. Rodeo motifs may include, barrel rider, bull rider, steer wrestling, steer roping, calf roping or other event symbols. Trophy buckle bases can be made of cast or stamped brass, bronze, silver, or nickel silver.

Belt buckles that fall into more mainstream fashions include a variety of styles and shapes. Bases can be solid, or filigree, stone encrusted or set with an elegant semi precious cabochon or stamped brass embellishment. Belt buckles, if they are layered, can be a perfect format for mixed metals and materials, which can give this fashion staple a long life on many different outfits.

Belt Buckle Photo Gallery


Guyot Brothers manufacturers a number of different brass stampings that are suitable for use in making belt buckles. Some can be used as bases, some as embellishments or as settings for cabochons. Here are some examples.

Possible Belt Buckle Findings

A photo fo a round decorative finding suitable to use as a belt buckle.

Photo of an oval flower stamping suitable to use as a belt buckle blank.

A photo of a round floral decorative finding suitable to use as a belt buckle blank.

Guyot finding style 06749

Guyot finding style 8243/2

Guyot finding style 8836/1


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