Ankle Bracelets

Why do women wear ankle bracelets ?

We can't really answer that question but what we can tell you is the ankle bracelet or anklet is not a "new thing". A gold and lapis lazuli ankle bracelet, or anklet, owned by Psusennes I from Tanis, dating back to 1050 BC is exhibited in the Cairo Museum in Cairo, Egypt. It is a hinged anklet and is inlaid with a winged scarab image.

Since jewelry was worn for protection as well as adornment, it stands to reason that the ankles would be dressed with bracelets embellished with images considered to be protective and powerful, such as snakes, scorpions, scarabs, and falcons. Frequently, the ancients would fashion their amulets to match their bracelets. The excavation of the tomb of a Nubian queen uncovered an amazing amount of jewelry, including a silver circlet, 20 silver bracelets, a torque necklace, 14 other silver necklaces, 9 pairs of earrings, 11 finger rings, as well as toe rings, and anklets made of silver and coral. 

This tomb is one of a group known as the X-Group, dating back approximately to the 5th century A.D.

Like all other types of jewelry, the ankle bracelet has changed and evolved over the centuries to the present day item we currently know. Presently, anklets are made of many different materials, including gold chain, silver chain, pearls, glass beads, wood beads, hemp, jute, rubber, rhinestones, and they are adorned with a wide variety of charms and other hanging items. Of course for permanent adornment a tattoo ankle bracelet is another option.. At the other end of the spectrum, maybe a diamond ankle bracelet is preferred by the wearer.

Electronic ankle bracelets are also used by athletes competing in triathlons and other multi-event competitions. The athlete wears an ankle bracelet, which houses a computer chip. The chip is used to track the time for each athlete’s event. It is easily removed and they are re-usable as well.

Ankle bracelets, like rings and other jewelry items are available in a range of sizes to allow virtually anyone to enjoy wearing this type of jewelry.

A search of Google images will call up several pages of photos of different types of anklets, ranging from dragon anklets and Swarovski crystal, , to a chain with several charms hanging from it, to a variety of bells and beaded items. Once considered "surfer jewelry" or "hippy jewelry", ankle bracelets have joined the jewelry mainstream.

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