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Filigree, Stampings, etc....

Brass wrench charm.


Jewelry Tools, Equipment and Supply Catalogs


karat stamp

jewelry making supplies

jewelry synthetic stone
bezel wire
silver solder laser wire
Triad fusion welders
diamond files
acid etching supplies
Chasing Tools
modeling compound
magnetic tumbler
abi tack welder


Rio Grande
Tools and Equipment
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
PH# 800-545-6566


Argentium Sterling Silver
ball vise
casting machines
bezel roller
polishing supplies
hand engraving supplies
bright cut supplies
Gilding metal sheet
Lapidary saw coolant
Jewelry Box Inserts
Identification of Stones

copper, solder
wax carving supplies
soldering torch
soldering supplies
kiln, aluminum
plating machines
Allcraft Tool & Supply
P.O. Box 10-0919
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Ph# 1-800-645-7124


jewelry supplies steam cleaner
melting point, lodestone, jewelry supplies
jewelry tool cases
jewelry supplies steam cleaner
European jewelry making tools
jewelry tools starter kit

micro welding
miniature stakes
Silver PMC
woven mesh
silver mesh
Jules Borel & Co.
1110 Grand Avenue
Kansas City, Mo 64106
Ph# 1-800-776-6858


jeweler supplies Texas
Practice metal
Metal Ring Mandrel Gauge
Big Silver ingots
Karat Gold bezel wire
Frosted Copper or Brass

abi tack III,
wax pen
liquid rubber mold compounds
mouth blow torch
ultrasonic bead drilling machine
Dallas Supply House
9970 Monroe Drive
Dallas, Tx 75220
Ph# 1-800-346-5397

High precision diamond setting machinery
Flux for silver soldering
Copper colored solder
Citric Acid
Bezel punches

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