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XW DESIGNS Blends East with West in New Authentic, High Fashion Jewelry

XW DESIGNS is the latest international online boutique that now offers jewelry 
of aesthetics and spiritual blessings, health and wellness.


Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) March 13, 2008 - XW DESIGNS bridges cultural appreciation in natural, traditional jewelry that is more than an accessory, but a work of genuine art. The online boutique,, now features eastern and western influences made from handcrafted stones that have been sought after for ages.

The Montreal-based XW DESIGNS boutique was founded by Xiaowei Cheng. The love of her native eastern heritage and the western culture inspired her to blend art and fashion through her jewelry collections.

The materials are all-natural stone favorites such as jade, turquoise and Tibetan Dzi beads. They're not only fashion statements but also relative to physical and mental health and wellness. For example, Jade stones can emit far infrared rays that vitalize the biological function of cells, increase circulation, relieve neuralgia, backache and arthritis pain, eliminate toxins and carbon dioxide from the blood and perform an antibacterial function.

Besides its medical functions, Jade was given a lot of noble attributes, making it a standard of morality. Confucius concluded that jade had 11 virtues, including benevolence, fidelity, polite etiquette, wisdom and sincerity. 

Over time jade came to be identified as a symbol for everything that is good, pure, noble and sublime. Using jade ornaments could resist the intrusion of evil influences and avoid evil apparitions, thus securing safety and auspiciousness.

"People nowadays live in a competitive and fast-paced environment and bear a lot of pressure and stress. So when I created my collection, I wanted to have something beautiful and meaningful that can not only brighten our lives, but also make people look and feel good inside and out." Said Xiaowei.

At XW DESIGNS each piece is handcrafted by experienced artisans, who carefully select the material to make sure the design is superior. Xiaowei's mastered collection is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and artistic design with a balanced modern touch. The wide variety of jewelry characterizes the unique cultural and spiritual qualities of western and eastern societies. All earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants are made of natural material from jade to turquoise and Tibetan yak bone to Dzi beads.

Seamless Dragon Ring Jade Necklace

About Xiaowei Cheng
Xiaowei grew up in China and received a B.A. in art from Grinnell College in the United States. She speaks Chinese, English, French and German. A violinist since the age of 4, she also enjoys writing and photography. She has also lived in New York, Chicago and Vienna, Austria. Since relocating to Montreal, Canada, she can finally follow her passion and share her love of art with the world. Communicate personally with Xiaowei at

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