Online Hip Hop Jewelry Retailer Gives Away Free Belt Buckles With Purchase.
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Columbia, MD, USA 5/25/2008 07:10 AM GMT (FINDITT) Hip hop jewelry retail leader is giving their loyal customers even more reason to get iced out this hot summer. The internet retailer has recently announced that they will be giving away one free hip hop belt buckle with the purchase of 3 or more items on their website. With many purchasers buying over 3 items anyway, the belt buckle giveaway is expected to be extremely popular. The retailer will select a buckle based on availability and ship it along with the customer’s order absolutely free of charge. Hip hop bling is the first retailer to offer such a high priced bonus item.

The hip hop belt buckles are high quality, first rate products that are brand new, carrying a retail price of $25-$35. They are made of top quality stainless steel and decorated with stones or enamel paint. Each feature vibrant detail and top quality craftsmanship. They are made to fit belts designed for buckles. The hip hop belt buckles are unique pieces of jewelry that crosses into the world of fashion.

The head of marketing at describes the reason for such a drastic giveaway.

 “We wanted to do a bigger giveaway than others. Anyone can give away a cheap rope chain. Additionally, we wanted to give away belt buckles even though they are one of the hottest sellers right now because they are still relatively new in the hip hop community. No one knows of the quality and detail that these products have so it’s a good way to show it to loyal customers. We get to show them an example of our latest product line and it’s our way of saying thanks at the same time. They definitely deserve it for helping us become the leading retailer of these products.” –Dan, head of marketing.

A photo of a jewelled Map of Africa belt buckle.
Map of Africa belt buckle

Hip hop bling offers a wide range of hip hop jewelry products including grillz, iced out chains, large pendants, rings, iced watches, earrings and more. Of course there is also a full line of the hottest new fashion/jewelry product on the market, hip hop belt buckles which feature some of the latest styles including officially licensed buckles. It is very easy to order 3 items or more and get a free belt buckle.

The hip hop belt buckle giveaway is expected to be a very popular promotion, and bonus items will be shipped on a first come first serve basis. Customers are encouraged to get their orders in as soon as possible. This promotion is limited to product availability.

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