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High Fashion Jewelry and Cell Phones Come Together

Expanding on the Trend Towards Mobile Device Personalization

SEATTLE, Oct. 27  -- Fly Fashions brought high fashion style to the cell phones of Hollywood's elite through the addition of custom mobile phone jewelry during T-Mobile's recent Sidekick II City party in Hollywood.

Fly Fashions is a leading force behind the emerging high fashion cell phone accessory market. Once limited to face plates and bedazzlements, the fashion conscious are flocking to Fly Fashions for a sexy, and sophisticated way to make their mobile a fashion statement. Celebrity guests like Mischa Barton, Shane West, and Paris Hilton chose from a variety of exclusive designs to personalize their limited edition Juicy Couture and Mr. Cartoon T-Mobile Sidekick II.

"We are defining mobile couture and the response has been amazing. Our product designs are beautiful, sexy, diverse and entirely fresh, synergizing high fashion and youthful energy. The result is a chic, mobile fashion

accessory for men and women looking for new ways to set themselves apart of the crowd," said Tina Lauzon, President of Fly Fashions

. "The response so far has been beyond our most optimistic projections."
In addition to the Los Angeles launch event, Fly Fashions will be showcased as part of T-Mobile "Sidekick II City" events in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Miami. Fly Fashion designs were also shown on E!, EXTRA,
Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood.

About Fly Fashions

Fly Fashions designs and produces distinctive line of high fashion jewelry and accessories for mobile devices. We specialize in working with ours customers to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind fashion designs to accessorize
their product lines. Our customers, such as wireless carriers, cell phone manufacturers and accessory distributors leverage our designs for use in retail distribution, promotions and specialty marketing programs. Fly Fashions
products are comprised of jewelry grade components, including sterling silver, crystal and semi-precious materials that clearly set our customers and yours apart from the rest of the crowd. In addition, we sell our mCouture, Chic-e, Envy and Celestial product lines to fashionistas direct through our website.
For more information visit us at:www.FlyFashions.com 

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Cell phone accessory news

Cell phone accessory news

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