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Anthony Nak Twice Nominated For Fashion Industry's Highest Honor By The Council Of Fashion Designers Of America
 Nak Armstrong and Anthony Camargo Among The Best According to Industry Designers, Press, Retailers, Editors and Stylists


NEW YORK, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- For the 2nd year in a row, jewelry designers Nak Armstrong and Anthony Camargo, the design duo behind Anthony Nak have been nominated for a Council of Fashion Designers of America (C.F.D.A.) Award. This award is considered to be the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a member of the fashion community. Both Nak and Anthony couldn't be more thrilled to receive such a prestigious nomination.

Armstrong and Camargo were nominated in the accessories category of Swarovski's Perry Ellis Awards for new talent. This is the second consecutive time the design team has been awarded recognition from the CFDA; the repeated honor, a testament to their limitless talent. Armstrong and Camargo have been instrumental in changing the way women approach the art of accessorizing. The Anthony Nak patent pending trademark design of encasing precious and semiprecious stones in cascading gold and platinum chains has been broadened to include a repertoire of diamonds as well as cultured pearl jewelry and their much anticipated ring collection. Their innovative and inimitable collections have continued to revolutionize the jewelry industry. They have blurred the distinction between jewelry and fashion and challenged industry standards by boldly breaking established tradition.

Camargo and Armstrong are honored by the affirmation of their peers. "It is rare for someone's passion to be rewarded. We feel fortunate to wake up everyday and love what we do," Camargo said. "The list of nominees and past winners are all people we look up to and admire. It is an honor to be included once again. We could not be more appreciative," Armstrong added.

In addition to the 2004 and 2005 CFDA nominations, Camargo and Armstrong won the 2004 Town and Country Couture Award as well as 2003 Fashion Guild International "Rising Star" Award. In 2002 they were Gen Art finalists for Best New Designer. As if these accolades were not validation enough, their pieces have reached cult status among Hollywood's "A List" including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rosario Dawson, Debra Messing, Naomi Watts, Angelina Jolie, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock, as well as fashion icons Barbara and Jenna Bush and many more.


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