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Diamond Hybrid “Doing for diamond what cultured did for pearl." 

(PRWEB) May 27, 2005 --The newest revolution in jewelry in nearly 50 years will make its inaugural appearance on “The Tony Danza Show” this week. The world-renowned boxer, turned sitcom star, turned talk show host is shocking the world once again with the unprecedented giveaway of a nearly three carat Diamond Hybrid. The show, which is drastically gaining popularity not only by its A-list celebrity appearances but also by its seemingly outrageous audience giveaways, is about to embark on one of its most glamorous and glitzy giveaways to date, worthwhile of a true Hollywood debut.

With the success of talk show integrations ranging from Opera’s car giveaway to Ellen’s Rad2Go Q Chariot Christmas extravaganza (orchestrated by product placement guru’s Feature This!), it seemed to be only logical for Diamond Hybrid to make its first red carpet appearance by giving away a nearly three-karat diamond to a randomly selected audience member on the 27th of May 2005.

This never before seen three carat Diamond Hybrid will be a round Hearts and Arrows, considered by experts to be the ideal cut. The Hybrid will come laser engraved and with an appraisal card of authenticity. Currently, only natural diamonds have been held to such high and exacting standards.

The comparison to a natural diamond is breath taking. Not since Kokichi Mikimoto invented the cultured pearl has the jewelry industry been so revolutionized.

In contrast to "imitation" diamonds such as a CZ or created moissanite (both lab created) natural and Hybrid diamonds, which are carbon bonded, register a diamond signature on a Microspectroscopy test (the industry standard for diamond signature testing). Using the breakthrough technology of Amorphous (aligning diamond crystals together) the diamond hybrid has transformed the jewelry industry. Diamond Hybrid is now available at a fraction of the cost, with the same integrity, clarity, brilliance and luster as that of its natural "cousin"

Diamond Hybrid can be found nationwide at Corey’s Jewel Box and Landau Jewelers. For more information or purchasing instructions, please visit

Jewelry Industry News

Jewelry Industry News

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