Shop For Designer Jewelry, The Busy Businesswoman’s Easy Way 

Wearing the right jewelry can enhance a woman's image in business. 
Now there is a way for busy women executives to acquire the perfect piece of jewelry conveniently. 


New York, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2006 -- Women executives today have a unique advantage over men, because they can wear jewelry that makes a statement about them. About their authority, power and creativity. A woman wears a great suit, a man wears a great suit. A woman wears a beautiful blouse, a man wears a terrific shirt & tie. A woman wears a well-designed necklace and earrings, and a man can only respond with cuff links. Touché.

The wonderful thing about jewelry is that it can project things like attitude, creativity and sophistication – essential qualities for today’s dynamic businesswomen. A great necklace frames the face and focuses their attention on the eyes… the windows of the brain.

But, every successful businesswoman will understand this. Now that she can afford to buy great jewelry, she’s too busy, and doesn’t have the time to go from store to store searching for the pieces that project the image she desires. And not everyone can have a personal stylist to comb all the myriad of resources for them.

Now, Denise Solay, one of America’s leading jewelry designers, is making it easy for busy, successful women to find unique necklaces and earrings that are specifically selected for their individual coloring, features, body type and lifestyle needs.

Visitors to Solay’s Web site at can sign up for her ONE-ON-ONE Personal Selection Service®. Women can then receive, at no obligation, boxes of jewelry especially chosen for them by Solay. Now, they can try on jewelry in the privacy of their own home, selecting the right clothes to wear them with, right from their own wardrobe. (Try to do that in a store.) They select what they want to keep, and return the rest. The boxes are valued at either $10,000, $5,000 or $2,500 (with the only difference being the number of pieces they receive to choose from).

The idea for the service was sparked when Solay, whose designs have been featured in stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s and Neiman Marcus, asked a fashion editor friend “which sample sales she shops at.” “I discovered she buys all of her clothing and jewelry from her favorite designer’s sites, online,” says Solay. “She doesn’t even go to the major department stores or designer showrooms to shop because she doesn’t have the time. Plus, she gets to choose from the designer’s entire collection, instead of just a limited selection in any store.”

All a woman has to do, is fill-out the Web site’s ONE-ON-ONE Confidential Life Style Questionnaire at and, if possible, include a photo. Solay will personally analyze the information, and then conduct a short telephone interview before sending a box of jewelry, specifically selected for her. “This is like having your own personal stylist,” says Solay. “They simply send back the pieces they don’t want within seven days and only pay for what they keep.”

There is a one time, up-front fee of $350, which is credited to the first purchase. There’s no service charge, and Solay pays the shipping and insurance both ways.

Now, a busy women can concentrate her attention on the really important matters. Like which spa will help her lose those couple of extra pounds she gained on that trip abroad.

 A photo shoeing one of Solay's personal selections jewelry packages.


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