Ashley & Co. Fills Niche: Fine Jewelry for Fashionable Pet Lovers

Ashley & Co. offers fine jewelry for pet loving, style savvy women - featuring designs by a veterinarian turned jewelry designer.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 11, 2007 -- Fashionable women now have a beautiful way to display the love they have for their pets. Ashley & Co. offers fine jewelry for pet loving, style savvy women through its online boutique at

The jewelry, by designer Dr. Vanessa Wensing, fills a previously vacant niche. Dr. Wensing, a veterinarian and businesswoman, was searching for a fashionable way to display her love of animals while maintaining a professional and stylish appearance. Unable to find what she was looking for, Dr. Wensing decided to create her own business, Ashley & Co. "As a fashion conscious woman, I wanted to wear a symbol of my love of animals without looking cheap or childish. My designs give women a beautiful way to display passion and adoration for their pets."

Dr. Wensing's clients, and the relationships they have with their pets, inspire her designs. "For many women their pets are their children." Her wish is that Ashley & Co. jewelry fosters connections between these women. "My hope is that by wearing my designs, women will attract and connect with other pet lovers."

A unique touch, each collection includes matching jewelry that can be attached to a dog or cat collar. All items make perfect gifts for dog lovers or cat lovers.

Ashley & Co. donates a portion of every sale to nonprofit organizations that help ill, needy or homeless animals. Finally, women can feel good about wearing jewelry that displays the love they have for their pets - without creating a fashion "faux paw."

A photo of a pet paw pendant.

A photo of a pet paw charm.

A photo of a pet paw bracelet

A photo of a pet paw necklace.

A photo of a model holding her pet and wearing a pet paw pendant.

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