Taking Time to Stop and Smell the Daisies

Whimsical beach gal Colleen Toomey provides herself with opportunity to persue acting while satisfying her love of the arts and fashion through her nature inspired, handcrafted jewelry business, Better Through Daisy. Helping women look and feel their best through jewelry puts the icing on her cake of success! Her work can be seen on the WB's "One Tree Hill", in Bust, Venus, and Spa Fresh Magazine, and on SheFinds.com.

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) November 7, 2004 -- Sometimes you’ve gotta just grab life by the horns and say, “OK…This is what I want, and this is how it’s gonna happen…”. That’s exactly what 25 year-old whimsical actor/artist/beach gal Colleen Toomey is doing…she’s making it happen for herself. “It” refers to her handcrafted jewelry business, Better Through Daisy, and a strong and successful leap into the uncertain world of the arts.

An actor and artist since the age of 8, Colleen found herself at 22 living in Los Angeles, working all the time to meet the cost of living, and not being able to afford the beautiful jewelry found in LA’s trendy boutiques. Fast forward one year. At the other end of I-40, in Wilmington, NC, she is still pursuing acting but is desperate to escape the binds of various employers squelching her creativity and her availability to go on auditions. Thus, Better Through Daisy was born. “It’s the perfect solution,” Colleen states. “Starting my own jewelry business allowed me to not only utilize my studio art degree and quench my thirst to create, but made available time to go on auditions. Now I am making the jewelry I couldn’t afford before”.

For the feel of her work, Colleen took her love of nature and the beach and decided to create a line of jewelry with an earthy and organic touch that would be appealing to a wide range of women. 

“I love that a grandmother and granddaughter could both wear my jewelry and be considered “cool” to their friends,” Colleen says with a smile. Sterling silver, semi-precious stones, antique vase shards, and other nature inspired materials intertwine to create Better Through Daisy’s “wearable art”.

With a funky and unique flair, Better Through Daisy dares women to be different. Different is certainly what Colleen’s life has been and will continue to be. Better Through Daisy has allowed her to travel up and down the east coast to sell her work at festivals and markets and to boutiques. The Better Through Daisy website provides a channel from her studio to various boutiques and individuals across the country who have purchased her work for their stores or themselves. It has also allowed her the freedom to audition and to work for the WB TV show “One Tree Hill”, filmed in Wilmington. “I would recommend to any man or woman, young or old, to start their own business if they’re not happy with their current job. It’s not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, and the rewards are much greater when you start from scratch and work your way up.”

Colleen is excited and proud to share her art with the world. “If my jewelry makes a woman feel good about how she looks for a day, than Better Through Daisy is a success.” You can find Better Through Daisy pieces in boutiques across the country, on the WB's "One Tree Hill", in Bust, Venus, and Spa Fresh Magazine, and on SheFinds.com. So for now, between takes, Colleen puts on a great pair of earrings and smiles knowing she’s got the best of both art worlds, and still has time to stop and smell the daisies. 

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