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USA : House of Taylor a sterling partnership for Elizabeth Taylor & jewelers Jack & Monty Abramov

Her passion for jewellery is legendry, and now joining hands with jewelers Jack and Monty Abramov Mirabelle Luxury Concepts based in Los Angeles, California, Elizabeth Taylor floats a new venture.

February 16th, 2005( new entity House of Taylor is the result of an exclusive partnership agreement with Mirabelle and its subsidiary Techline.

"Elizabeth Taylor is synonymous with beauty, humanity, talent and exquisite jewelry. The House of Taylor's incredible success in the arenas of fragrance, cosmetics, gaming and publishing, create special opportunities for our alliance. Her New York Times best selling book, 'My Love Affair with Jewelry', continues to be the definitive study of collecting and understanding the beauty and mystery of gems. It is an unbelievable honor to partner with the most iconic woman of our time and to build our entire company around her exquisite taste", said Jack Abramov who will serve as President of House of Taylor Jewelry. "Elizabeth Taylor is an enormous source of inspiration to the world and to me personally. Her extraordinary personal style has always been a guiding force in the world of all things beautiful - especially jewelry. To collaborate with her and design for her is one of the greatest dreams of any designer. With this partnership, the dream, reality and honor happens to be mine," said Monty Abramov who will serve as Vice President and Design Director for House of Taylor Jewelry.
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