Ancient Jewelry Photo Gallery

Museum of Art
Rhode Island School of Design

 7th century BC Etruscan

 American Mourning Ring, 1721

Roman Earrings 2nd century AD-3rd century AD

French Earrings

Italian Cameo, 19th Century 

Hellenistic Earrings 

Greek Bracelet 4th century BC

Roman Necklace, Late Roman Empire

Hellenistic Earrings , 3rd century BC

Greek Ring 

Etruscan Ring, 4th century BC-3rd century BC

Greek Pendant Earring

Etruscan Earrings, 6th century BC

Ring Roman, Late Roman Empire

Greek Ring 5th century BC

English Pendant 

Etruscan Earring 4th century BC

Italian Earrings, ca. 1870

Greek Medallion late 4th century

Etruscan Fibula

French  Earrings 7th Century

Greco-Roman Funerary Wreath

Greek Head of Medusa

Persian Ring

Egyptian Scarab 

Reliquary Cross Byzantine

Early Etruscan Girdle

Etruscan Roundel

Winged Isis Pectoral







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