Fashion Jewelry Hall Of Fame


Even though the "Jewelry Industry" was several thousand years old by the time the 20th Century rolled around, it had never seen anything like the burst of design creativity that has taken place in the Fashion Jewelry Industry the last 100 years. From the use of exotic and seemingly unrelated materials, to high technology design and manufacturing techniques driving forth an ever broadening almost overwhelming array of jewelry and jewelry related products. 

As with all bursts of creative endeavors their were individuals who either intentionally or unintentionally lead the way. We hope our Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame gives some of the recognition these jewelry designers deserve.


Joseff of Hollywood, Jewelry for the Big Screen

Diane Love and Trifari: A Fortuitous Match

He put the ‘Carl’ in Carl-Art

McClelland Barclay: His Jewelry: A Detective Story

The "dazzling" costume jewelry of Marcel and Sandra Boucher

Jakob Bengel Resolving an Art Deco riddle

Rhinestone Annie-Ann Collens

The Designs of Ruth Kamke

Click here to for "Eisenberg Enamels"

The Magic of Mandle...Robert Mandle

Walter Lampl: Unusual...AS Usual

DeLizza & Elster’s signature style: A riot of Color

Just who was the D. Lisner of D. Lisner & Co.




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