Jewelry Findings by

Drama mask charm, sometimes know as comedy and tragedy charm.



Guyot Brothers Company Incorporated, manufacturers of decorative jewelry findings since 1904  

used more than 200 different ways

Camera charm.

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When we started this listing it was our intent to list 100 uses for our jewelry findings, but a couple funny things happened along the way. The first being that the list rapidly passed 100 and continues to grow, the second being we started getting asked about specific uses of findings, so we linked up  some additional pages  of interest. We will be adding more pages featuring jewelry findings and filigree applications so bookmark this page and check back for our latest updates.


Ad specialty items

Cross embellishments

Hand Fan embellishments

Refrigerator magnets

Altered art


Hand towel baskets

Religious goods

Angel pins

Crystal ball holders

Hat pins

Rifle embellishments

Angel figurines

Curtain pins

Hip pins

Ring stands

Ankle bracelets

Custom Lanyard Hooks Home decor


Anniversary gifts

Decorative bottles

Inspirational gifts

Ruler jewelry

Antique reproductions

Decorative brass washers iPod accessories and charms

Scarf clips

Artscapes Decorative chalk boards

Jewelry Boxes

Scarf Jewelry
Automobile Decor

Decorative door stops

Jewelry collages Scatter pins


Decorative Light bulbs


Bath Tub embellishments Decorative magnet boards Key rings Scrapbook charms

Beaded Curtains

Decorative Plate Rack

Knife handle embellishments

Sculptured trees

Belt bag charms

Desk accessory embellishments

Knitting marker charms Shoe clips

Belt buckles

Digital Picture Frame Embellishments

Knitting needle accents

Shoe lace charms
Belt loop charm

Dog Jewelry

Lamp shade charms

Shoe ornaments


Door bell covers Lamp shade embellishments School mascot jewelry
Bible covers

Doll house miniatures

Lapel pins

School year jewelry

Birdhouse decor

Doll jewelry

Letter opener

Shutter ornaments

Bolo slides


Lighting chain pulls Snuff box
Book embellishments

Dress clips

Luggage tag accents

Soap holders



lunch box embellishments

Special Event Jewelry

Box corners

Easter gifts

memory stick case embellishments

Stained glass accents

Box feet

Egg decor

Men's bracelets

Stained glass decor

Bracelet links

Egg stands

Menu card stands

Stationary charms


Election jewelry

Mirror frame accents

Stitch Markers
Bricolage Entree Identifiers Mirror rosettes

Sunglasses embellishments

Bridal Jewelry Executive thumb tacks


Suspender jewelry





Business card case embellishments

Eyeglass frame embellishments

Mother's Day Gifts

Sweater clips

Button Covers

Eyeglass chains and holders

Mother's Day Jewelry

Switch plate covers


Eyeglass pins

Mountings for stones

Temple charms
Cake jewelry

Fan embellishments

Music Boxes Terrariums

Calling card holders

Fan Handles

Nail head cover


Candle holder

Fan pulls

Napkin rings

Tie bars

Candle jewelry

Father's Day Gifts


Tie tacks

Candle ornaments


Needle cases Thimble Embellishments
Casket Ornaments

Fish tank ornaments

Needle point

Toothpick cases

Cell phone jewelry

Fishing lures

Nightlight accents

Trinket Boxes

Christmas Cards

Flip flop ornaments

Oil lamp embellishments

Umbrella charms

Christmas jewelry

fur clips Outlet covers

Valentine Craft Ideas

Christmas stocking embellishments

Furniture accents

Pacifier clips

Victorian hat pins

Christmas tree ornaments

Furniture hardware

Paperweights Victorian jewelry
Clock embellishments

Garden Jewelry


Wall art
Clock rosettes Gift bag charms

Pet jewelry

Wallpaper embellishments

Coat hanger embellishments

Golf ball markers

Pewter tankard embellishments

Wind chimes

Collage art and jewelry

Gothic jewelry

Picture frame embellishments

Window decor

Commemorative jewelry

Graduation gifts

Picture frames

Wine glass charms

Concho belts

Custom greeting card charms


Women's Sports Jewelry

Computer embellishments

Guitar embellishments

Place card holders


Cork craft embellishments Guitar pick embellishments

Plant jewelry

Zipper pulls

Costumes Hair clips

Prom jewelry


Cosmetics packaging

Halloween masks

Promotional products


Cremation urns

Handbag accents

Puppet jewelry and accessories  

Handbag charms

Purse pins  
  Handbag embellishments

Quilting charms


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