Art Nouveau ornamental brass frame with cameo mounted, made up as a pendant.

Finding name:


Finding Type Decorative
Purpose: An ornament designed specifically to be suspended from a chain or necklace.
Sizes: Large range of sizes limited only by the taste of the jewelry designer and wearer.
Shapes: Available as rounds, ovals, triangles, squares every conceivable geometric shape
Styles: 1000's of various styles and designs available  to accept stones, to stand on their own or to be combined with other jewelry findings.


Steel, brass, nickel silver, karat gold, gold filled, sterling silver, platinum, copper
Look for excessive stretch marks, scratches, nicks, dents, kinks, blotted out embossing or detail work.

Guyot Brothers  produces a comprehensive of decorative jewelry findings suitable for pendant applications, please inquire with your specific information for details or if you prefer may we suggest you continue your search here.

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