N. Guyot and Sons first factory was located on the 3rd floor of a wooden building located at 45 Union St,  Attleboro MA.  At the time it was the ideal location for a jewelry findings hub and die operation as this area was near the railroad station and in the midst of the most important jewelry making district in the United States. An area that was to become known as

 "Attleboro Massachusetts- The  Jewelry Capital of the World"

Guyot Brothers Co- Their first jewelry findings hub and die factory

Anyway as you can see this was quite typical of small manufacturing operations for its time with the work area lining the window for light. Note the "workforce" and its pretty clear that the "trades" caste system was very much at work with a Master Craftsman, and what looks like 3 "journeymen" and 2 apprentices. The young man with the neck tie is Gaston Guyot the son who lead the company into the manufacture of  decorative jewelry findings, through the depression, and not just Guyot Brothers but the Attleboro jewelry industry, into the production of defense goods ranging from military insignia and medical supplies to belt buckles and canvas bags.


Guyot Brothers Company Incorporated,Manufacturers of decorative jewelry findings and ornamental stampings.

Manufacturers of decorative jewelry findings and ornamental stampings

Guyot Brothers Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 2378
20 John William Street
Attleboro, MA 02703
Phone: 508-222-2000
Fax: 508-222-3011
E-mail: info@guyotbrothers.com

Attleboro Massachusetts, the birthplace of the jewelry industry in America.





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