It seems a waste to throw away “orphaned” earrings. Do you have any ideas for how to use earrings that have lost their match?  

One idea we ran across for lone earrings was a French hook style earring being used at the tail end of an unfinished knitting project. The hook was slipped through the last completed stitch, which because of its curved shape, is less likely to slip out of the stitch than the straight end of the knitting needle. Since the earring was intact, it would be easy to find and remove when the knitting is resumed.

A French hook style earring can also make a handy book marker. The thin gauge of the wire will not cause the binding of the book to split, and the low profile of the earring will not extend over the top of the book, allowing you to return it to your bookcase.


Alternatively, breaking down lone earrings with a pair of pliers will leave you with a collection of jewelry components which might include ear wires, beads, bead caps, and other jewelry findings such as filigrees or charms. Saving these parts in an organized fashion may prove helpful on a future occasion. Having a small stash of ear wires available will mean that loss of an ear wire from another pair of earring will not be the end of wearing those earrings. The charms and findings can be used in other projects like scrapbooking or greeting card embellishments.

An earring used as a 
knitting marker.

An earring used 
as a bookmark.





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