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What are some of the different ways to use filigree ?

Filigree can be one of the most innovative and useful components to the creative jewelry designer or manufacturer. Because of its adaptability, the same filigree design can be manipulated in many ways. By using the holes on the edge or the added rings, a filigree can be used as a pendant, earring drop, connector, or necklace centerpiece. Take the same design, remove the rings, add a pin back and you have a brooch. Add some modulation to that filigree piece and the dips and rises that are formed increase the visual interest of the jewelry object. Take that same filigree style, form it into a cone or half-round shape and you have a bead cap. Add some gem stones or glass stones and filigree can be used to act as a wire wrap type of setting, enhancing its appeal as a vintage jewelry look. This flexibility of use allows the jewelry designer to make a matching or coordinated ensemble of jewelry, offering a variety of items made on the same theme, affording the retail customer to pick and choose from the set, knowing that the final "look" they are wearing will match and present a smart and coordinated appearance.

The right filigree components and a liberal dash of ingenuity and creative spirit can be a very profitable combination.

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